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When is the full game coming out?

I'm really looking forward to it and would love to know when it comes out
(P.S Sorry if this should be somewhere else xD)


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There is currently no release date but you can sign up for a BETA on the Hytale website.


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Gonna quote the latest news, posted in Today's thread on Hytale: https://hytale.com/news/2019/1/musi...ng-back-at-the-announcement-and-an-faq-update

Beta when?!?
This is definitely the number one question! Simply put, we don’t have an accurate timeline to give you yet - but we can however confidently say that the beta will not launch within the next few months. As we proceed with development we will no doubt gain a clearer picture of the timeline.
Some members of the community have speculated that the beta would be launching soon after the announcement - even in January. However, you may also know that when we announced the game we also announced that Hytale had received substantial investment.
The key reason we sought out this investment was to allow us to develop Hytale without compromising on our standards as developers or your standards as players. We want to avoid feeling pressured to deliver the game too early - and happily, funding from our backers means that we can develop Hytale in the way we want without having to ask our community to contribute or deliver the game before it’s ready.
In hindsight, we definitely could have communicated more clearly about the development timeline. You can rest assured that as we get closer to beta, we’ll let you know. We’re working hard to get there!


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Pretty much yea... But I think we getting BETA before the end of this year :cool: