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This page contains all of the rules that must be followed at all times!

We want everyone on HyTime to have a fun and safe experience. With that in mind, please take a look at our server rules. Failure to hold to the rules may result in a kick or ban from the server, or restricted use of certain channels.

[1]: Have a respectful attitude towards staff, and others.
- Our staff are all volunteers who are willingly giving their time to help make HyTime awesome, so please respect what they say.

[2]: Keep your discussion in the proper channels.
- Similar to how forums work, make sure what you post is where it needs to be.

[3]: Don't advertise your own community/server or another community/server on our Discord without permission.
- We are more than happy to feature your server or even partner with you, if you ask. But please don't post them without seeking permission first.

[4]: Stay clear of political/religious debates/discussions/topics.
- We don't want negativity or fights on HyTime, (Outside of the arena, or unless a Dragon shows up), so let's keep these topics out of chat.

[5]: Try to be mindful of what you post. Swearing is permitted to an extent, but any sexual or offensive language towards another member will result in a kick/ban.

[6]: Don't backseat moderate.
- This means trying to tell another member what to do, or trying to reprimand them if they break the rules. If a member violates the rules, please report them to us and we will take care of it.



Also , we ask that all users have read https://www.hyti.me/forums/pages/tos/